Football for a new generation
Mats Hummels and Lukas Podolski are the founders of the Baller League. A league that is finally about football again. Balling like it used to be, without politics behind it, but with a mixed team of professionals and talented no-names. Free for everyone on the Twitch streaming platform. That’s football for the gaming generation.
It goes without saying that the new old football experience needs its very own look.
Playful and digital like a video game. Rough and direct like kicking on the pitch.  With strong coloring, catchy shapes and backgrounds, sports design is rethought. And it stands out.
3D logo sequences focus on the dynamically moving Baller League logo, a central sphere locked in a center frame.
Rapid cuts behind the moving logo take us through a series of vivid graphic environments and compositions.
The language of the Baller League: Speed.
Flexible as the game
Real-time information is based on an in-game overlay.
Everything is based on a smart grid that adjusts to the game.
The design, like the league, is assertive, fast, and unpretentious.
New league. New rules.
A design for the Baller League.
Our design for the gaming generation.
Agency: BDA Creative
Team: Tim Finamore, Meritxell Monso, Matthaeus Wildauer and Florian Farkas

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